Market Channel Analysis

Our team was subcontracted by a regional market research company to design a desktop and online dashboarding and automated reporting and presentation preparation tool.

One presentation took 4 researchers 36 hours each to generate. They also needed to brand and stylize each report according to the fonts, colors and layout preferences of their clients and their clients.

C-Metriks designed an application to read data, parse it, calculate KPIs, analyze brands vs. competitors, generate tables and charts in PowerPoint templates of 200 slides. Each client had own branding preferences settings and reports selection. The user clicked on the Export button and waited around 3-5 minutes for the whole presentation to be ready.

During the first year, our client went from generating 3 to 20 studies per month. In the second year the client was able to generate 50 studies per month and aiming to process 200 studies with the same team. The company went from serving regional clients to global clients within 2 years.


Mystery Shopping Platform

C-Metriks was subcontracted to design an online mystery shopping platform for a global market research agency (Top 4).

Researchers should be able to create and edit questionnaires on the fly according to client requests. Field Supervisors need to manage and monitor shoppers. Shoppers receive instructions, visit the shops and then fill the questionnaire online. Researchers check the shoppers data entry, validate and translate. Clients log in to view the realtime reports online. There were complicated question types, tough scoring algorithms, customized reporting and huge number of shoppers and shops in countries like China for a single questionnaire. Moreover, the system had to be multilingual and it had a very detailed access privileges since each country operated using different procedures.

We successfully designed, implemented, integrated and optimized this platform because of our experience in MIS, Market Research and Dashboarding and this solution was complete and did not need programmers nor tech-savvy users to execute any part of it.

During the first year, our client was using this application in 5 countries in the region and in less than 3 years, it was being used in 30+ countries. The software's interface had 7 languages available and each questionnaire could be read in an unlimited number of languages. The shopper was able to select a language and the client viewed the questionnaire and responses in a different language. Each country or group of countries had an admin to manage all the users within their reach.


Media Ratings

A regional television network needed a tool to generate TV ratings from Day-After-Recall surveys based on user-defined consumer segments.

The television network had a database of 100s of channels and 10,000s of programs. These channels belonged to them or to their partners or to their competitors. The software needed to dig in respondent level data, do the calculations and generate tables and dashboards in matter of seconds. When they needed extra reports, they used to send the request to their research agency and it took up to 2 or 3 days to get the results.

We created an add-on to the tabulation software QuickTabs. We kept optimizing the use of the media ratings reports so that no report took more than 3 seconds to generate for a 40 column table.

The client was able to generate reports instantaneously and save settings for different markets and waves. At any time, the client could instantly compare their position vis-a-vis their competitors. Moreover, the user could select the type of analysis and coloring scheme of the tables to highlight the desired ranges of ratings and compare them to other consumer segments with ease.


Media Expenditure & GRPs

C-Metriks was sought by a regional media agency to design a very challenging application that read from different sources so that the researcher took a few minutes to generate reports that used to take about 3 weeks to prepare manually if not containing human errors.

Data are from three different sources. One supplier had a considerable amount of duplicates which affected the Top Mediums, Top Submediums lists. The data needed to be integrated and the items (brands, categories, mediums, countries, ...) from different sources did not match up.

We created an importer to the data that searched for duplicates using seven algorithms, prompted the user for action, remembered the settings and then continued to find the keys to match the other source of data. With time the software learned from the users the different challenges and there were less and less inputs from the users as to what was needed to be done regarding data cleansing and matching on subsequent uploads.

The client was able to deliver reports in same day with all confidence and also provided online interactive dashboards to their clients.





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