SMART - Social Media Analytics & Reporting Tool

What is SMART?
SMART is a user-friendly platform that aids researchers from one end to analyze feeds from various social media websites so that the clients can view the dashboards and true insights at the other end.

Who should use SMART?
Any person or organization that has a Page or Account online and wishes to check fan-base and their engagement should use it.

How does SMART work?
SMART downloads the feeds from the social media websites. The researchers do their "internal cuisine" in the production part and then the dashboards and reports are available as soon as the researcher saves them.

Why should you use SMART?
There are a variety of tools out there and most of them have automated text-mining. Automated text-mining fails in capturing the essence and sentiments of the fans specially when slang or transliteration is used which is frequent in the Arab world and languages like Arabic. Moreover, there is far more to number of fans, reach and followers, SMART measures true engagement.

Reports & Dashboards
  • Qualitative Insights on sentiments
  • Quantitative Insights on fan-base breakdown, posts, likes, ...
  • Fan Base Growth
  • Fan Distribution by various Demographics
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Response Rate
  • Daily Engaged Users
  • Page Analytics Daily and Monthly, Peak Times, ...
  • Engagement Analytics By Comments, Topic, Sentiments, ...
  • Post/Response Effect and Analytics
  • Posts, Stories and Talking About It
  • Paid vs. Unpaid Reach
  • Customer Status and Sentiments
  • Competitive Analytics
  • Ad Performance Analytics from Facebook, Twitter,, AdWords, MediaMind
  • and more ...
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Page Feed with sentiment analysis and filtering
  • Track fans/customers posts, comments and sentiments
  • Configure reporting periods by day, week, month, quarter and year
  • Download formatted and detailed reports in Excel and PowerPoint
  • and more ...
Social Media Platforms
  • Facebook (available)
  • Twitter (available)
  • Instagram (available)
  • YouTube (available)
  • Google Analytics (available)
  • LinkedIn Page (available)
  • Google+ Page (coming soon)



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