QuickSilver Platform
QuickSilver is an online platform on top of which QuickTabs, MediaStats and SMART operate and integrate.

Data arrives from many different sources and therefore need to be converted and synchronized to be used holistically.

The online applications, QuickTabs, MediaStats and SMART are designed to handle surveys, scientific data, media spends, media ratings and feeds from various social media.

Each of these applications in turn have modules that are either available for all clients or exclusive to certain ones. Customizations are done on any level (platform, application, module).

QuickTabs is an easy to use, interactive and dynamic online survey (or flat table data) tabulation tool for the novice and advanced users. It has many add-ons to squeeze the extra juice out of surveys.

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MediaStats is an online dashboarding and instant reporting tool to explore media expenditures and interlace them with GRPs, Brand Equity KPIs, etc...

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SMART stands for Social Media Analysis and Reporting Tool. SMART delivers true value through its analysis and dashboards. Expert researchers scrutinize and analyze the feeds and use the production part of SMART to deliver the results to clients because automated text-mining tools fail to recognize slang, transliterated text and other expressions specially in languages like Arabic.

View the insights from feed sentiments and see the fan-base growth by different breakdowns as well as fans' activity downloaded from social media.

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This is the tool for the quantitative researcher. It aids in generating MS-PowerPoint presentations in less than 10% of the time while maintaining the required look and feel for each individual client.

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This is the tool for the qualitative researcher. It empowers the researcher to dig deep into insights and help in managing and reporting on 10s or even 100s of focus groups with ease.

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Consultancy & Training
We offer various levels of consultancy ranging from data handling advice to software design. We also offer online and in person trainings.
Custom Applications
Our rich experience and know-how enables us to develop solutions from small but highly performing gadgets to flagship software for global enterprises.
Data Analysis & Processing
We offer data analysis and reporting (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, HTML, XML, etc ...) as well as data processing services like weighting, coding, recoding, grouping, significance testing (Quantum based) etc...
Data Cleansing & Governance
Data Cleansing entails duplicate searching and fixing, correctness, standardization, gap filling, sanitization, integrity and recommendations in procedure or code implementation to avoid such anomalies in the future. We also write Data Governance documents to maintain a healthy database.
Data Conversion & Integration
C-Metriks developed vast libraries to convert survey data like Triple-S, ASCII, COSI, QDF, SPS or standard data like CSV, DAT, TXT, DBF, HTM, HTML, MDB, XLS, XLSX, XML and others.

One of the toughest challenges is to integrate data from different sources into one pool. Our rich experience lets us handle data matching, merging, integrating, comparing and validating with flying colors.
Dashboards, Visualization & Automated Reports
Whether you choose us to develop customized charts or program a third party tool (ex. QlikView, Tableau, RapidMiner, R), we will be glad to assist.

We are pioneers in building automated reporting engines to export analysis and formatted charts and tables into Excel, PowerPoint, Word and HTML that the reader can not tell whether these reports were computer or human generated. Increase your team's output 10-fold while maintaining standardization.




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Custom Applications
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Data Cleansing
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Data Governance
Data Integration
Data Mining
Data Processing
Data Reporting
Data Visualization

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