Surveyor - Survey Analysis & Dashboarding

Researchers are spending days or even weeks analyzing data and preparing presentations for their demanding clients. When doing the work manually, there is considerable margin for human error and inconsistency.

With automation and easy-to-use customizable software, mundane tasks are removed thus improving deliveries, timelines and incrementing the capacity to handle a larger number of clients with the same team.

Surveyor analyzes one or more of similar surveys. The software reads processed surveys from various formats and synchronizes them in a central database for ease of access, filtering, comparison and reporting. Reports are created and saved to be used on another wave or market and then exported to MS Excel and MS PowerPoint in highest quality and performance.

Presentations should take less than 10% of original time to prepare with the software and a matter of few minutes for a repeated survey.

Reports Included but not limited to
  • Generic Layout
  • Averages Analysis
  • Evolution of Averages Analysis
  • Affinity Index
  • Evolution of Affinity Index
  • Gold Silver and Bronze
  • Evolution of Gold Silver and Bronze
  • Progress Sheet
  • Correlation Test, Variance and other Statistical Functions
  • Differentiating Segments
  • Data-Mining, Group-Mining
  • Differentiating Groups
  • Most/Least Highest/Lowest Performance
  • More than 10 wizards for multi-question based reports
  • Minimums, Maximums, Averages Charts
Graphing Tools
  • Standard charts for a table, row or column
  • Graphical averages, maximums and minimums, medians, midlines and quartiles
  • Correlation, R-Squared Finder
  • Quadrant Analysis or Matrix
  • Frequency Meter
  • Trends Analysis
  • Comparative of two or more items vs. best/worst
  • Produce editable and non-editable charts for clients
  • Super user-friendly
  • An intelligent importer to expeditiously synchronize surveys for dashboarding
  • Create reports interactively, preview them, batch them and reuse on another survey
  • Format reports for best readability
  • Print intelligibly on multi-pages without human intervention
  • Assign abbreviations, colors to different parts of the survey
  • Insert highly formatted tables in presentations with a single click
  • Layered inheritance customizations
  • Apply simple and complex Statistical Functions
  • and much more...
  • Reports can be customized to the user’s taste
  • Users can select presentation template, font, color and size
  • Save unlimited number of customizations
  • Single Survey Analysis (Standard Version)
  • Multi Survey Analysis (Standard Version)
  • Advanced Single Survey Reporting (Advanced Version)
  • Advanced Multi Survey Reporting (Advanced Version)
  • External Reports (Advanced Version)
System Requirements
  • Windows 2000 and later (preferably XP or later)
  • MS Office 2000 and later (preferably XP or later)
  • 256 MB RAM (preferably 2GB)
  • 512 MB HD Space (preferably 1GB)



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